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Raekwon Lost His Jewelry, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/25/2013 - 7:30pm
Raekwon comes through and blesses the masses with a new 12 song EP. Last time I checked 12 songs was an album, a mixtape at the very least. But, I guess when you're in Wu-Tang you're allowed to take certain liberties with nomenclature. As usual with Raekwon releases, you get a bunch of stories about crime with great attention paid to details that no one else would put in their songs (re: "threw on the Harley leather sheepskin gloves, my baretta bout the ghetto, hard body bring the Ketle, niggas is drinking and gambling, all you see is hammers in my corner, holes in pajamas"). Never let anyone say Raekwon doesn't paint pictures with his words. Beats provided by Static Selektah, Buckwild and Scram Jones; featuring Freddie Gibbs, Maino, and Faith Evans among others. At this point in his career Raekwon is beyond consistent, if you fuck with his output, get this one. If you've never been into his work this won't bring you on board. The one notable difference on this tape from previous work is his beat selection; there's an increase in romantic and nostalgic style jams, making Rae's sound align more with Ghostface's recent output. Download Lost Jewelry for "'86" alone which is one of the best old school "girl songs" I've heard this year. Maybe in the next year we'll get a Kenny Loggins/Michael McDonald esque team up from Rae and Ghost where they rap about broads. Like Wizard of Poetry, but really good.
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