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The Most Metal Video of All Time

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/26/2013 - 9:00pm
When people who don't particularly like metal, think of metal, they're thinking of this video by Lightning Swords Of Death. When old church ladies, who won't buy their grandkids music with parental advisory stickers see Skrillex and talk about all the "devil music" the kids are listening to, they're really thinking of this video for "Baphometic Chaosium”. When I imagine my bachelor party, I'm definitely thinking of Lightning Swords Of Death  as entertainment. Didn't think it was possible to meld chest thumping cock rock and black metal, but it's happened. Who knew homoeroticism and Satanism went so well together? Most likely, more dudes than care to admit it. This video pretty much has everything you could ever want from a metal video, a satanic ritual, some light leather play, a bunch of gimps drinking blood and generally helping out in the way gimps do, kidnapped sacrificial broads with their tits out, ritualistic orgies, and last but not least an appearance by Baphomet herself. If you're not aware, you don't have a real good satanic ritual until Baphomet makes an appearance. He/She is like that one motherfucker you knew in college that would show up to parties with his own keg, pis on your neighbors house, try to make out with anything/one, puke in a bong, and generally get the entire shit all the way turned up. Baphomet likes to rage. It's your job to provide an appropriate medium for him/her to express themselves in. That's what satanism is all about.
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