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Western Tink Got Nowhere To Look But The Future

By Zachg, 01/29/2013 - 3:30pm
Western Tink just dropped this video for "Future Look" off his Comfortable Like A Coogi On A Huxtable mixtape. I think this was my favorite track off that tape because it's really Tink at his most unbridled. We get to hear him rapping over something that people probably wouldn't expect to hear him rap over. But it goes deeper than that because it's not just on some, "Oh what an unexpected beat." That's because Tink isn't just rapping over something unexpected, he's really comfortable while rapping over something unexecpected. And the end result has value not jut for being unexpected, but for being a good song. The video is done by his constant collaborator Fr3nch, and it has her signature all over it. From her unique sense of color, to the crazy filtered backgrounds, and very off the cuff/day-in-the-life feel everything really comes together. But perhaps the most compelling thing here is the restraint. While more and more rappers pretend to be skateboarders everyday---and really make jokes of themselves because skateboarding has always been a self-policing culture of authenticity that quickly and ruthlessly sniffs out fakes and disposes of their credibility---Tink is perfectly fine with just chilling at the skatepark. No need to lie about what tricks he can do, no need to exaggerate the role that skateboarding plays in his life. And it all works out for the better because the skatepark really works with the vibe of the song, and as usual it's just some real life events. Not a bunch of bullshit marketing to try and squeeze revenue out of a demographic that's still spending as music sales plummet. For more of the Mobbin' No Sobbin' experience, check out this interview of Tink and Beautiful Lou by the guys over at Ghostpizza.
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