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Hold Tight, Seattle: Bruxa, Textbeak, Nightmare Fortress and Rxch Wxtch

By TEXTURE, 01/30/2013 - 5:30pm
On 13th February, Portland's Holocene will play host to Bruxa, the witchstep phenomenon who call Oregon's largest city their home. Bruxa (Portugese for Witch) first came to prominence worldwide with the release of Eye On Everybody via Sweating Tapes. It was a statement of intent (the first track was called Witchstep) that announced an urgent and unique new voice in dark electronica, with Bianca Radd's treated, bilingual vocals rubbing up against the doom-rap intonations of Saint  Michael, emerging from a thick, glutinous soup of evil sub bass, twisted glitches and lo-fi atmospherics courtesy of producer Derek Stilwell. Their sound was refined and expanded with their second release, this time on Mishka – Victimeyez was a revelation and a revolution, constructed from obsidian breezeblock beats, towering walls of synth-bass and hyper-intense crunk vocals, riding scattershot on the back of the madness. Cannibalising dubstep, crunk, dark techno and breaks and regurgitating something utterly strange and new, it was one of the most exciting releases of 2012. Bruxa have curated the bill for this one-off show, in association with Mishka. They've invited Seattle's Nightmare Fortress along for this deep-and-dirty okkvlt session – the band have earned a fearsome live reputation, drawing comparisons to darkwave phenomenons Trust. With custom-distressed vocals, speaker-destroying beats and shimmering waves of fucked-up synths, they are sure to set Holocene ablaze with their particular brand of dark electronic alchemy. They are joined by celebrated producer, DJ and archivist Mike Textbeak, who needs little introduction to readers of this blog – the visionary curator of the CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 mix series, a literal who's who of the dark electronic scene, and a celebrated producer in his own right, with releases on Tundra, I Had An Accident, Timetheory and more, he is the undisputed King Witch of the Cleveland underground music scene, and a DJ and blogger respected worldwide for his efforts to catalogue and cultivate the diverse musics arising from the witch house phenomenon. Yet more excitement is promised by the presence of Portland's celebrated DJ and promoter RXCH WXTCH, resident at Seattle's Electric Tea Garden, who recently put together a stunning dark electronic showcase with White Ring, Funerals and Blessure Grave. Between them, RXCH WXTCH and Textbeak will mix up a perfect storm of cutting edge dark electronic music, classic industrial and grave wave. Hold tight Seattle – the sun's on the wane, and soon darkness will fall.
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