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Bonethrower Classes Up 350 Broadway With Art

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/31/2013 - 4:30pm
  IMG_2973 This past Friday we had our first art show fo the new year at 350 Broadway, welcoming your boy Bonethrower and his maddening art into the store like a newborn baby. Except we generally ask that you don't bring babies to the store as it's the opposite of childproofed, there's tons of frightening and brightly colored inappropriate shit here. Beers were drank (shoutout to PBR for coming through with the drinks), art was consumed. Revelry was had by all, despite the snowy conditions outside. Inside, the mood was warm and the colors were hot. Lots of discussions were had about the nature of Bonethrower's art and what kind of drugs he must be taking. This is kind of awkward when you realize dude is standing behind you, while you pray amateur art critic/psychologist. Experiences like this, and more, can be had when you come down to a Mishka art show. It's like Disneyland for awkward, slightly drunken experiences revolving around art. Go ahead use that one for the Yelp review, free of charge. [gallery ids="123065,123066,123067,123068,123069,123070,123071,123072,123073,123074,123075,123076,123077,123078,123079,123080,123081,123082,123083,123084,123085,123086,123087,123088"]
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