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Feel The Impact Of The Chariot

By Behold the Destroyer, 02/01/2013 - 11:00pm
Hardcore band The Chariot play a show, everybody in the crowd freaks the fuck out. Their homeboy films it. Now we're watching it. Time traveling magic. The singer wears a single dishwashing glove. Reason? No one knows. Drag queen performance artist that does an impersonation of Michael Jackson as an old maid feels "ripped off". Mad motherfuckers stage dive. We need more stage dives. Exactly seventeen stage dives during this song. No more, no less. Security guard that rehung "No Stagediving" sign earlier in the day feels impotent. He moonlights in the S&M scene, heavy on the "S". He feels powerful. Cosmic balance. Dudes got the drum circle going on stage. Shoutout Sepultura. Shoutout Japan. Shoutout Burning Man. We're all connected. Drum circles around the world. Hardcore still lives.
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