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Fix Your Face With Bass

By FuckinFanell, 02/03/2013 - 3:37pm
url Мишка cohort, commander of bass, DJ Muggs is back with another release. And in case you were wondering where to put all this bass, wonder no more – This is, “Bass For Your Face.” Whether you’re chewing your face off, puttin’ ya thizz face on or just hanging out with your face as is, this music is for you. Got a face? Is it lacking in bass? DJ Muggs has the answer. He’s given us twelve tracks of warbling warmth to make you feel fuzzy… even if you don’t spend your Wednesday nights quite like I do. The album boasts features from Danny Brown and Dizzee Rascal, to name a few. But make no mistake: this album is not about the features. This album is about Muggs and his ability to create music you can use to go on an internal Vision Quest of your own, or put on at a party and get everyone feelin’ a lil’ more grimy than before. Whether you prefer stepping in your dub alone or with friends, DJ Muggs has made the perfect soundtrack for your wompy world. Revel in the womp. Or be cast out into whatever the hell else is out there. Download DJ Muggs’ “Bass For Your Face” here.
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