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Adorn Yourself And Home With the Spoils of Bonethrower

By Pajama Sam, 02/06/2013 - 3:30pm


Shop Bonethrower Artwork in the Mishka Store A couple of weeks ago, we had a dope art show featuring the talents of David M. Cook, better known as Bonethrower. His innovative one-eyed, multicolored beast paintings took over the store, adding a zoological gladiator vibe that had previously been sorely missing. Now you can take his work home with you to curate the same vibe in your daily life, through shirts, cards, beer cozies, and stickers. If you're looking for some new, raunchy ass shit to put up on the walls of your new apartment, we've got the perfect art for you on our online shop. Now you can wear Bonethrower out of the house and on to the streets, or cover your laptop in his stickers. Bring psychedelic class with you everywhere. The point is, check this shit out. It's dope.

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