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Party Trash Is Thoed

By SupaSortahuman, 02/07/2013 - 11:00pm
As you probably already know Party Trash is one of my favorite artists to work with and most definitely is not afraid to try different things and experiment with the music he makes. I mean holy shit he has made tons of tunes under all kinds of different names, monikers, and also collaborations such as Thoed Myndz (with nattymari), Ener y Dice , Clearing, Police Academy 6, BLOWN (with Fr<>ze), Lost Planet (Party Trash x Sortahuman) and many others he probably is keeping secret. This is his second beat collection he has put out and a lot of the instrumentals have appeared on tapes by the likes of Sortahuman, Yung Yadi, Rod Fuego, Th@ Kid, Spz Chaote and more. The whole collection has a very cohesive feel to it and really shows you the groove he has been as of late. There is plenty of screwed up samples and chops, plus some really trippy and mind freeing compositions on here that make me wanna just ride in the whip and burn one looking around at my city. One of my favorite cuts on here is "do u luv me" with it's slow grind and killer sample all chopped not slopped that is perfect for all the screw heads out there. Also "hard times" is really amazing with all the horns and drums cut up to perfection that makes me freestyle every time, this tape is great for a good ol' freestyle session. You can really tell he knows his shit when it comes to music and is definitely a true talent with an ear for freshness. This tape will be out soon on cassette as well with Clandestine Records, so be on the lookout for that because it's going to be a must have for any collector to put in their shrine. Download here
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