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Araab Muzik Has Made An Epic Trap Soundtrack

By Behold the Destroyer, 02/18/2013 - 11:00pm
cover-8 Back in the days when we used to buy physical mixtapes from bodegas and dudes on the street with blankets, the mixtapes would always says "For Promotional Use Only" on the bottom. This was supposed to, in some way, protect the dudes that made the mixtapes from getting sued by the people that made the beats they jacked. It was kinda like that urban legend that says a cop has to tell you hes a cop, if asked—complete bullshit. Jump to now and Araabmuzik jsut dropped a new mixtape of instrumentals titled For Promotional Use Only which feature dude spazzing out on an MPC in the way only he can. It's a great listen if you just drank like 3 Redbulls and have decided to stay up all night "putting in work". Throw this one on and really cultivate an atmosphere, a paranoid feeling, of being stalked by Albanian mobsters. Basically, this is the official soundtrack for the Trap Music generation's Scarface. Now someone just has to film said movie. I hear Gucci is acting now... Also, a really great way to get free, quality beats for your new rap project that will ultimately outshine your recycled Fabolous punchlines, Jeezy adlibs, and Wiz Khalifa subject matter.
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