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Dusk To Dawn, No George Clooney

By neonpajamas, 02/18/2013 - 3:00pm
498437289-1 Emancipator, the one man trip-hop/instrumental ambientician, hath returned. His third album, Dusk to Dawn, is a long journey through faraway lands where you need to keep warm. Fly over Valhalla (New York or Asgard?), transform into a glowing outlaw, swim in the Galapagos. The ten track album is a complimentary follow-up to 2010's Safe in the Steep Cliffs and 2006's Soon It Will Be Cold Enough. The trilogy takes you from the snow-covered dead trees within a haunted forest over to summer mountains that are always green, finally throwing you in front of an autumn bonfire, where the green trees comfort in the distance, but the cold is right around the corner. Be entranced by foreign language samples, dreamy violins, and sexy saxophones. Soloist Emancipator is back on his grind, so peep the new album over at Loci Records. While you're at it, check his Bandcamp for some free tracks, including a mash-up of Mobb Deep and Sigur Ros.
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