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The Radiant Black and White: Jaro's Debut La Rouge EP

Making music while watching a movie with the sound off. This concept has been around for a while, but Mac Miller made it popular with his 2013 album. Since then, numerous producers and vocalists have mentioning performing a similar ritual. Chicago producer BoatHouse has admitted as much, and...


Shoot the Messenger: Radiohead's New Video "Burn the Witch"

I've never written about Radiohead on the Bloglin because the last time that they had any material worth writing about, it was 2011 and they had just released their eighth album The King of Limbs. This was before I began writing for the blog, and they haven't released anything since. Now it's 2016 and Radiohead have returned (praise the gods of the artistic yet mainstream). Radiohead remain one of the few acts who can get away with taking 4+ years to...

The Film The Invitation Will Fry Every Nerve in Your Body

Being socially obligated to do something is emotionally one of the most uncanny places to reside on the spectrum of human feelings. Realizing that, for whatever reason, you want nothing to do with something that, for some reason, you have agreed to do. The obligation is often realized as beneficial in some respect, whether it be to appease a significant other or maintain a dwindling friendship that by all accounts deserves to die. The internal war wages on for...


Weekend Sin Propaganda [NSFW]

Two days until The SEVENth releases his Weekend Sin EP through Мишка Records. Listen to the lead single below "On the Table" and embrace the NSFW promo propaganda before the main event on Friday. All images are shot by monhandworks.



Squadda B + Pepperboy + Lil' Flip + Young God = "KRWU"

As we hope you heard at the beginning of this year, Main Attrakionz member Squadda B and Arkansas legend Pepperboy have teamed up to give you KRWU. Kome Ryde With Us. Together known as Green Ova South, the two enlisted Blue Sky Black Death producer Young God aka Ian Taggart to provide the backdrops for the entire album.



Quests and Botanical Gardens: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Deth P. Sun

The work of visual artist Deth P. Sun is about as vibrant as they come. The California-based artist coats his pieces in pastels, knee-deep in a multidimensional dreamland both relatable and hallucinatory. He has a continual (and possibly autobiographical) character, similar to that of Jim Woodring's Frank, who travels around the world with a sword, with some coffee, with some cigarettes, with some books. With a love of...


Anderson .Paak Combines Three Songs in New Collage Crazed Video

We've seen so much great music already this year, and the hits just keep on comin'. After releasing his album Malibu back in January, Anderson .Paak continued his streak by signing with Dre, killing SXSW, killing Coachella, killing Broccoli City, and now releasing the mesmerizing double triple music video for “The Season / Carry Me" and "The Waters” with BJ The Chicago Kid....

Мишка Records Presents: P2THEGOLDMA$K's Ballin' Cause I'm Ballin'

P2THEGOLDMA$K is slowly and surely becoming one of my favorite rappers. Although he hails from San Antonio, Texas, P2 aka KO$A is your favorite internet rapper's favorite internet rapper. Releasing a slew of content, the prolific and hardworking artist has collaborated with Mishka on numerous occasions. First with HTTP2 last year, then with DAD Tape earlier this year, and now, with Ballin' Cause I'm Ballin...



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