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Skateboard In Nature With Wild Animals

By Behold the Destroyer, 02/24/2013 - 7:30pm
Into The Thickett, reinvents the entire skate movie genre by taking skateboarding out of urban areas and putting it in the middle of the woods, where dudes can ollie over hibernating bears, antelope, and other woodland creatures. There's really lush cinematography in this trailer, dudes went crazy with the dollies and steadicams on some extra Scorsese meets Spike Jonze shit. There's a palpable cinematic quality to the trailer; if art house skate films isn't a "thing" already, it needs to be. One of the strongest shots of this has to be the dudes doing tricks on post apocalyptic looking, DIY ramps and skating by lantern light. Fucking lanterns. Like they were solving some Scooby Doo mysteries or motherfuckign spelunking. I'm sure this shit looks extra weird to everyone that grew up skating at schools, parks, and skate ramps, but all those Amish skateboarders are sitting our the bonfire thinking "been had".
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