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Came Through With The Tutankhamun Colored Benz

By Pajama Sam, 02/26/2013 - 7:30pm
We've all seen Riff Raff in a video, usually draped in gold, shining like sun. But have you ever seen Riff Raff with royalty?  His newest video "Gold Chain Swangin'" is literally "all gold everything". Since it is Jody High Roller, we obviously expect gold and Versace, but a new kind of gold is shown in this video—Egyptian royalty. I guess someone let Riff Raff roam around the Natural History Museum after hours in Miami Vice sunglasses so he could rap in front of a replica(?) King Tut sarcophagus. Clearly, museum security guards like cocaine too. Maybe this is where Riff Raff gets his influence for jewelry—the ancient Egyptians. Riff Raff ends up shirtless, shedding his royal garments, because he could've played for the Baywatch beach volleyball team. After the Smoke has a very crude rap about nasty girls, hula hoops, and his urination. Logic Ali, alludes to Riff Raff's signature "I should've played for ..." lines by saying he should've played for Tahiti. Weird, as far as  I know Tahiti doesn't compete for anything besides best places to catch a very even tan. The track is produced by a collaboration of Trapzillas and DJ Wonder, who use Pharoahe Monch'sSimon Says to segue into the video. Anyone who knows the familiar chord progression of "Simon Says" will immediately be excited for a detour into temporary insanity—ie. a Riff Raff video.
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