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An Intimate Evening With Tyler The Creator And The Wolf Gang Trio

By Behold the Destroyer, 02/27/2013 - 5:00pm
Last night Tyler, The Creator stopped by Jimmy Fallon for a small jazz style performance. He had a lil bit of ticking the ivories in there, some nice ambiance too. Got those 1920's moods going through the air. Light up a cigar and enjoy some vino with a sultry lady situation. Ole Harlem Nights shit, with the slickbacked hairs. Homeboy even had The Roots on backing duties and miss CoCo Maja Hastrup Karshø on hand with the vocals. Ole girl even brought out the Jessica Rabbit styled, high slit skirt. Very sophisticated atmosphere for the Wolf Gang. Going off of the intro Tyler performed on this song and "Bimmer" it would appear that Wolf is going to indulge more of his jazzier and subdued tendencies. That's a beautiful maturation right there, dude can still rap about stabbing people but also can give you a lil after dinner style piano performance. Not many dudes in rap can do that. I look forward to twenty years from now, when Pharrell has a jazz rap revue residency at The Sands in Vegas, and he brings Tyler out to perform a duet medley of "Beautiful" and "She". It's gonna be Rat Pack 2033. Wolf drops on April 2nd.
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