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Butterz Turns 3, Drops An Insane Live Mix, Brings Grime Back

By Behold the Destroyer, 02/28/2013 - 3:00pm
Butterhand Last weekend Butterz celebrated their third birthday with a massive show featuring Joker, JME, Skepta, Swindle, and a bunch of other dudes. Thanks to the magic of Joker's Soundcloud page we have an hour of audio from the show, for all of us Yanks that couldn't be there. Shit is hard. If you've never got into Grime, please fuck with this mix, because this is about as good as it gets. With a live performance featuring DJs and MCs that start at the redline and just keep pushing shit, this set plays out as the super aggressive mix of rap and rave sensibilities, that Trap Music really wants to be. There's ton of heavy bass for all the heads that like the trap shit, huge breakdowns for the Dubstep heads, punchlines and Twista style double time raps for rap heads. Serious business. While some of us might be familiar with Grime via Dizzee Rascal, Lady Sovereign, or Roll Deep Crew's brief periods of fame in the states, this mix is Grime in its natural element—live, loud, and entirely chaotic. Dudes brought back the old pirate radio broadcast feelings with this one. Stream this mix and lose your mind at your desk, just don't make gun fingers; end up being the weird dude that has to be escorted out of work by security.
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