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Put OJ Da Juiceman In The Freezer To Preserve Freshness

By Behold the Destroyer, 03/01/2013 - 5:30pm
juice-world-2-TeamBrickSquad OJ Da Juiceman aka Young Ju Man aka Mr. Fresh Off The Bar Mitzvah, is back with a new song "Ziploc", because he really wants to provide dads with easy material for making fun of rappers. The juice has been MIA for a minute now—pretty much since the rise of Waka—but for some reason I'm always pulling for dude to do well with his limited capabilities. Rap game Rudy. As with most OJ Da Juiceman tapes lyrics here are pretty much nonexistent, but Juice has always had a good ear for beats. This one by Metro Boomin is pretty hard while rocking a melody that could've easily come from a children's show. Getting a early Gucci/OJ collaboration feel here. This is never a bad thing. Gorilla Zoe adds a verse and chorus to the song, which makes you wonder "what ever happened to Gorilla Zoe". More importantly though the chorus is pretty much dude chanting "ziploc" over and over again, which is something I can predict happening in my kitchen for the next six months to a year. Look for OJ Da Juiceman's duel mixtapes Six Rings 2 and Juice World 2 dropping tomorrow at 3:32 tomorrow.
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