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(Keep) Watch Ed Banger Records Turn 10!

By Gnou, 03/02/2013 - 6:30pm
edbanger Where were you, in 2002, when a handful of Frenchmen with experimental facial hair decided to stick their collective sneaker up France's butt and started releasing this weird filtered disco music for the enjoyment of a handful of fresh-faced Parisians? Me personally, I was on the internets. My homie Emile told me that Mr. Flash, who had just produced a good bit of TTC's album, was releasing a new EP with the legend Philippe Zdar. I could fuck with that. After some excruciating months (nye a year later), Radar Rider came out as Ed 001. In the meantime, two bros seemingly obsessed with compressing bass sounds and synthesizing melodies remixed a vaguely popular mancunian quarter, and Never Be Alone (Remix) was born. That was Ed 002. Ed 003 was Vicarious Bliss, 004 was Krazy Baldhead and 005 was Waters of Nazareth. Check the pedigree, son, that's just the first two years of Ed Banger Records. Tonight they're throwing a big bash for the label's 10th anniversary, and it's obviously sold out but since they're a bunch of sweethearts they are live streaming the party on their Youtube Channel and SFR Live Concerts, and it's multi-camera, with some enhanced graphics by So_Me and a bunch of interactive goodies scattered around. Isn't life beautiful? Performances by everyone from the label are to be expected, from DSL to Feadz to Mickey Moonlight, Boston Bun, Busy P, Breakbot and Justice playing at 9PM EST (that's 6 PST if they're on time, and there's no way they'll be on time). Happy 10th anniversary boys, and many more! Clickety to join the roller rink extravaganza!
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