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Wallow In Sadness With Young Dreams

By Behold the Destroyer, 03/05/2013 - 5:30pm
Follow the life of a real lonely Australian dude after his girl dumps him and he tries to get on with his life. Get a heavy case of the sads as you watch dude listen to the same song on repeat, be a slob in his amazingly decorated apartment, creep people out in social situations, and masturbate to some old p-no. This entire video is an advertisement for why you should maintain friends while in a relationship, so you don't end up the weird dude at a gallery opening, rocking ipod headphones and listening to a playlist called "meet me in Montauk..." The documentary style video for "First Days Of Something" is by chronically slept on director Kristoffer Borgli, for the band Young Dreams. As usual Borgli finds new ways to make old video concepts new, this time by having the song repeated multiple times in the same video, as this lonely fuck tries to get every person he comes across to share in his misery. Fiona Apple needs to get with this dude and make a video that immediately places you on suicide watch after viewing it.
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