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All The Rap You've Slept On In One Place

By King James, 03/06/2013 - 9:30pm
Welcome-To-Rad-Reef Unless you spend your entire day lurking 2dopeboys and meticulously listening to everything, I think we can all admit it’s impossible to keep up with all the new rap releases nowadays.  It’s my “job” and even I can’t even do it.  So, I do what I assume everyone else does, follow some artists meticulously, get to some trending rappers due to impending hype, or sometimes find shit hella late and all my friends call me lame.  In all of this, intrepid young rap aficionado, compilations are your friend.  That’s why aggregator and tastemaking sites are important, to effectively create “Best Of” lists for every week.  You can find what’s hot without dredging through hours of music, while giving you the opportunity to delve deeper if you dig what you hear. Luckily, SPIN has such a compilation streaming on their site, featuring a cornucopia of trending and talented rappers.  New No Wave is put out by Rad Reef, a Bay-based collective headed by rapper/producer/director/bloglin contributor Zachg.  For anyone who hasn’t delved into the weird world of underground internet rap, you can bump some new tracks from Sortahuman, TreeShady Blaze, Metro Zu, and Keyboard Kid, along with a few others.  So step up your rap game, show your friends that new hot shit, and check out the tape over at SPIN.
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