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Ethelwulf + Eric Dingus =Damare Shizukani

By SupaSortahuman, 03/06/2013 - 10:00am
Ethel_Wulf_Ethel_Wulf_damare_Shizukani-front-large To me this Ep just makes sense. Ethelwulf is one of the hottest names in the underground right now and Eric Dingus has been on fire lately with collaboration tapes with an array of dope rappers. On this one Eric stays in his lane with ethereal, spaced out bangers and Ethel dropping straight fire on every track. This Ep had to be inspired by anime, lsd, and tons of weed smoke because that is all I wanna do when I listen to this. We were in Miami last weekend and this was basically the soundtrack for the trip. The whole tape is solid and is the perfect music to gaze out the window and just zone out. All I am going to say about the individual tracks is, wait til you listen to the hook on "Dengen" and on "Tamashi" when he says "I got to hit the sto' fo' another swisher HO" and tell me you don't vibe to that, FOREAAAAL. Also check out Eric's solo instrumental tapes you can find on his bandcamp and be on the lookout to see Ethelwulf everywhere in the blogosphere this year!. 2013 is definitely the year of BRK. Download here
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