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New York's New Rap Everymen Era

By Zachg, 03/06/2013 - 11:30am
Welcome back to New York. Where super rap moguls like Jay-Z and Fifty Cent dominate the market, but wily rap everymen like Black Dave, and Aaron Cohen thrive in a teeming world of hip hop possibilities. What we're witnessing is not just the diversification of the viable stylizations of rap as artistic form, it is also a diversification of the viable means for rappers. Exposure can happen in various degrees, and to varying ends. Mishka's own Aaron Cohen has been a potent example of this. If you'll recall, last year we released his Murk record. He has gone on to gather a growing stream of exposure that slowly moves him closer to whatever goal he is seeking to achieve. Black Dave is not too dissimilar. His affiliation to Hypebeast has allowed him to scale the ranks of exposure with his Stay Black mixtape to have enough footing to accomplish something. I don't know him, so I can't speak on what he seeks to accomplish, but the important thing here is that it's possible. New York has always been a vibrant locale when it comes to hip hop. In recent years it hasn't been so much a hotbed of artistic activity, but that seems to be changing. The shift of power is allowing artists of various influences, and many shades of industry influence to leverage enough of a position to gain the exposure needed to "get a shot". You don't have to be Jay-Z, or fuck with Frankie Crocker to catch a break. To me, it feels like things continue to align in ways that favor dynamic artists with the ability to think fast and execute a decent product quickly. Which is kinda what you'd expect, but not what we've been working with. Personally, I'm really excited by the prospects of young New York.
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