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Alan Braxe Gives You One More Chance

By Gnou, 03/08/2013 - 9:30pm
2ccd6461d4d8c7f597fb27f84f5df4a6 What you know about that French disco 1.0? I'm talking DJ Falcon, Stardust and the two guys that went on to become daft punks. Alan Braxe is a man from that era, though he is better known now for tag-teams with Fred Falke and Kris Menace, and, also, a great guy. But not the kind that releases an album a year, or even an EP everynow and then. So when a new Alan Braxe record pops up, you might as well pay attention, even though the label is better known for awkwardly designed automobiles. In this collaboration with two newcomers called The Spimes, he is bringing all of his synthesizer crispiness and expertise to layer the vocals of his new signees into thick slabs of glittery progressions, for two songs of sad springtime weather. His two solo tracks, hypnotic slow burners if I've heard any, will set you in a daze until you reach the (AMAZING) remix package with Le Crayon remix which will get you dancing, and a little bit of Lifelike and DJ Falcon to top it all off. Head on over to Scion A/V's site to download the full EP.
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