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Digital Francis Makes The Best Bootleg Videos

By Pajama Sam, 03/10/2013 - 3:42pm
If you're a big fan of bobbleheads, love the digital age, and are infatuated with bright colors, Dillion Francis's new video, "Bootleg Fireworks" is your about to be all over your Tumblr dashboard. It features a blonde Dillion Francis head, strapped onto various bodies, making references to all forms of dance, ranging from ballet to Gangum Style. There's a ton of icons and emoticons from the internet in the video and a lot of 90s style video effects. The last shot of the video is pretty much every sign of Tumblr and the Internet, including ying yangs, the wifi sign, and the power switch. It's a really dope and trippy video, that crams every crazy and hilarious effect and meme from The Internet into one piece.
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