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Western Tink & Beautiful Lou - "This Is How I'm Livin" [Track Premiere]

By Behold the Destroyer, 03/12/2013 - 1:16pm
this is how im livin cover Beautiful Lou and Western Tink jumped in the damn time machine for this one. "This Is How I'm Livin" is the first single off of their upcoming album Mobbin' No Sobbin' on Мишка Records. It sounds simultaneously like the hardest shit out in 1984 and 1994. When you're dabbling in time travel, these types of contradictory things can happen. Lou's beat brings to mind The Terminator soundtrack. There's heavy 80's synths that tell you shit is not going to go well. Real menacing progressions. Evil vibes of an industrial world covered in grit and bathed in red light. You feel those old school, "Arnold Schwarzenegger coming out of a smokey alley with the pump action shotgun" synths through the track, set to a West Coast cruisin' speed. Tink comes out the gate skating around the beat, evoking a very Ghetto Boyz In The Hood, type of feel in his delivery. He's talking about his days and girls he's got on speed dial. Sprinkling in some discussions of that fly shit that rappers talk. You get the feeling this whole thing was recorded as Tink leaned out the window of a candy coated Cutlass. Twenty two's on the feet, a system in the back and goddman flux capacitor on the roof. Lou driving and Tink riding shotgun, watch them boys get that bitch up to 28 miles per hour and fade through time—leaving a trail of purple drank behind 'em. That's how they're livin'. Mobbin' No Sobbin will be out on March 28th.
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