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Inside Riff Raff's Twitter Swag

By Pajama Sam, 03/13/2013 - 7:30pm
You ever follow someone on Twitter and their tweets are so confusing that you think they may be inebriated? You try as hard as you can to get what their talking about, even referring to previous tweets to see some sort of connection, but still, nothing. That emotion, that experience, is every communication Riff Raff has ever had with another human being, primate or vertebrae creature. With the newest installment in Fuse's interview video series, we finally get a peek inside the mind and twitter of Riff Raff. The four-minute video, in vibrant, Mad Men-ify Yourself colorful animation, goes through Riff Raff's tweets in while Kokayne Dawkins himself explains the logic behind them. According to the video, Riff is a licensed appointment only vibeologist. He goes into your soul and extracts your childhood to feel your vibes. His balls glow. He has night-vision Versace installed, and is really really invested in popcorn shrimp. Unicorns comfort him when he's sad. Now that we know all that, his once cryptic tweets now totally make sense.
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