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My Name's Sticky Fingaz I'm the Filmmaker of Your Nightmares

By Oh Mars, 03/13/2013 - 1:00pm
I'm not a hip-hop head by any means, but I clearly remember the first time I heard Onyx's Bacdafucup. I was in the backseat of Dave Brocker's '88 Chevy Celebrity and we were heading home from school. He put on "Throw Ya Gunz" wicked loud and I recall feeling kinda scared. I didn't know who these bald fellows were but they were screaming that they wanted my money or my life. And I believed them. Sticky Fingaz was one of the group's breakout members and has since gone on to do tons of acting work. He's actually pretty good as long as he's playing a hardass. I especially liked him as Kern Little on The Shield. Now he's in the director's chair with Caught on Tape, which he also wrote and stars in. It's a decent little DTV crime drama but here's the thing guys...all of the dialogue is rapped! Even an elderly woman raps lolz! CAUGHT ON TAPE 2 I wasn't aware of this gimmick until about 30 seconds into the film when it clicked. Once it did, I almost turned it off. It was the early A.M. on Saturday morning and I was in no mood to watch the elderly or the youth rap at me. I'm glad I powered through it though because Caught on Tape is a pretty entertaining film. It's got a lot of the trappings of a low budget indie - poor acting, clunky editing - but Sticky and the rest of the cast manage to inject some life into it. Sticky plays Mark, an unemployed dude mooching off of his girlfriend, Nadine (Vivica A. Fox). They fight a lot then when she goes to work, he invites his friends over to drink beer and laugh about how he's so co-dependent. They have a kid who videotapes them fighting, then he raps about it. I think he might be a ghost though because not once do his parents acknowledge him. Mark and his friends are planning a bank robbery and the whole thing turns into a Reservoir Dogs scenario - nobody trusts anyone and a Mexican stand-off ensues. It's all very predictable, but at least there's rapping. My absolute favorite line of the film is: "Chill dog, you know you an accomplice, you got to break a few eggs before you make an omelet." The worst rapper is Kel Mitchell (Good Burger*), which is surprising because his ska song "We're All Dudes" is a classic, so I know he's got some talent. CAUGHT ON TAPE 1 In an ironic twist, while reading about Kel Mitchell's post-Kenan and Kel career I saw that he now owns several Wendy's restaurants. So he went from playing a fast food employee to owning his own fast food empire! Life's funny sometimes, man. Cedric the Entertainer plays a maintenance man and his part makes absolutely no sense! He comes over to Nadine's for a service call, then when she leaves he just trolls around the house smelling things and drinking her liquor. I imagine it's what real maintenance men do if left alone, but his character contributes nothing to the plot. He must've owed Sticky a favor or something because there's no other explanation for his presence. CAUGHT ON TAPE 3 Speaking of The Shield, David Marciano (Cpt. Billings) makes an appearance as a (rapping) cop. It's pretty funny to see him rhyming, but not as funny as Boone from Lost, who also plays a cop. Writing it out like this, I guess the most entertaining part of Caught on Tape is being side-swiped by the random actors who pop up and start rapping. The story is dull and foreseeable, but the rhymes are fun. It's barely over an hour long, so it's perfect for throwing on while you pre-game with your boys. Give it a shot. • Have you watched Good Burger lately? If you haven't revisited it, you should because it's absolutely psychotic.
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