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If You Want To Live Forever, You Need Good Survival Instincts

By CUTT GODD, 03/20/2013 - 5:30pm

Sam Rubik releases "LIVE FOREVER" alongside LaVi$h.  Before you ask, the answer is yes, the cover is supposed to look like that.  The cover art exhibits the rawness set to come off of Rubik's Survival Tactics, releasing in a few weeks exclusively on CUTTING PRACTICE.  Get this track while you can, because it wont be available on the final release of Survival Tactics.  

Produced by Sa'eed (who I know -on good information- you'll be hearing more from soon), thumps around Rubik and  LaV's verses, steadily dragging their words with a distinct aura of descent.  A vaporous chant is subtly washed over the underside of this track, giving it a limitless bottom.  Murky, yet enticing.  Sa'eed's ability to create a sense of voyage on a track is unparalleled, in my book.  Although we are unsure of where we are going and where we are by the end (of the track), we know how we got there.  

Rubik and LaV mimic the rhythmic thumps in their delivery, treating the ends of every bar as if it were a drop for the next one.  They're the vehicle that drives us around Sa'eed's directionless world.  Rubik and LaV focused on their respective abilities to pick out a key element from the beat (the downward push), and pull away from it, to create a new sensation.  Instead of following the beat's thuds to their limitless ends, they raise their lyrics, creating a balance between themselves and the music.  They embed themselves in order to coherently deviate.  Without their informed deliveries, we would be dragged down; they drive us to our destination safely and intelligibly.

Rubik has been developing in serious ways over the last few years, and at breakneck speeds in the last few months.  Survival Tactics is unlike anything you've ever heard from him for many different reasons that you'll soon discover.  


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