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It's The Almighty Rise Of The Murderous Younge

By neonpajamas, 03/20/2013 - 3:30pm
Out of nowhere, Adrian Younge in 2013 has been dominating the blogs. The grind is back in action and the results are overwhelming. Recently, he produced the entire album by The Delfonics, their first in fourteen years. Check the retro video for “Stop and Look” below. Younge, who gained notoriety by dropping a funk and soul mindbender of a soundtrack for 2009's Black Dynamite (see: “Chicago Wind”). Also, with his back-up band Venice Dawn, the mastermind dropped an EP in 2000 and a full-length in 2011. Because he dropped three albums in eleven years, I didn't expect a quick output from the 43-year-old musician. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. Along with the album by The Delfonics, where he played around a dozen instruments, he is also working alongside Ghostface to release a full-length comic book rap legend project, Twelve Reasons to Die. Look for comic book issues, vinyl box sets, action figures, and RZA narration. Adrian Younge, thank you. I can only imagine how dope him and Tony Snow sound in concert.
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