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Mondre Re-Ups With Cloudd Packk

By Behold the Destroyer, 03/21/2013 - 3:30pm
3497401936-1 “Sometimes I think that I can walk on water.” Mondre has been grinding, grinding this year. As a solo artist, he has dropped three projects. With Squadda B, two Main Attrakionz albums have dropped (check out their Cloud City EP with Grown Folk). 2011 brought us the M A N and 2012 saw Rhythm and Zone. Both projects were stellar and cohesive, the fluidity never straying from outer space lounges. This year's Cloudd Packk is a fine addition to create a Mondre cloud rap trilogy. Obscure samples, body buzzing bass, and slow motion flows, Cloudd Packk is the strongest release from either of the Main Attrakionz duo, although Squadda's PLAYTIME is not far behind. And, Cloud City EP is short and sweet. I looped those four tracks all day Sunday. Cloudd Packk has production from Joe Wax, Friendzone, Marlee B, LWH, Al Jieh, and more, with raps from Squadda, Shady Blaze, and DKXO. Get it. “Cold Year” is my favorite song on the project. The piano and quick drums. Mondre shouting “Cloud! Cloud!” in the background, singing every once in a while because the beat is so damn soulful, how could he not? His verses are memorable on this project, his penmanship game stepping up significantly. “One day we'll fly, just keep dodging when the bullets fly. A butterfly can see his wings and recognize beauty.”
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