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Make New Memories With Foot Village

By Gnou, 03/22/2013 - 10:00am
makememories About 10 years into their existence as a group, Foot Village is releasing a fourth album that sounds all grown up and shit. It's probably somewhat of a coincidence though. Make Memories contains 6 songs, two of which are hefty (over 8 minutes long) and have synths. If you've never heard of the band, that might sound pedestrian, but Foot Village is composed of four drummers, who just play drums and yell their vocals over bullhorns. No guitars or keyboards or whatever. Which means that there's a lot of work going into turning that threadbare backbone towards something slightly more substantial. And they used to do it quite well but this time they have invited Matt Loveridge (aka Mat Williams of Beak> and formerly Team Brick) to round out the line-up and pep things up a little bit. The result is just as catchy and raucous as anything FV every did, but at the same time you can hear a different aesthetic, more focused on sound than on image. I hope that makes sense; on previous albums, I felt that the songs contributed to creating a picture, whereas now the songs are telling a story. That probably still sounds inane. So check out the video for This Song is a Drug Deal or The End of the World below if you need visual aids. What we're talking about here is a pure sonic blast of acoustic freedom, teenage angst reversed to show a dirty silk lining that slowly creeps into a life of its own to fly you into the ether. This is as close as free improvisation will get to indie pop, a much-needed void that needed to be holed into the music scene. You may stream the album from Soundcloud (or on the phone: 951-262-2552) and buy it from Northern Spy.
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