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Oakland's Gummybear Video Games

By neonpajamas, 03/22/2013 - 11:30am
2830964372-1 I found out about Gummybear (aka GuMMyBeARand GuMMy†Be▲R) through Friendzone's Kuchibiru Networks. The Oakland beatsmith had one song on each of the three projects. Most recently, on Kuchibiru Network 3, he shared “Sakura” for the project, quite possibly the strongest track on the album. Man, those violins. After “Sakura” made my head explode, I checked out his instrumental album on his Bandcamp, the fourteen track Oakland. Other than one guest vocalist (Zombelle on “Night With No Light”), the whole album is instrumental, a spaced out midnight cruise through the Bay Area, stepping into sleazy whorehouses and sword fights within bookstore basements, neon lights galore. The album is less spacey than his Kuchibiru submissions. It is more electronic, more synth-friendly, more retro video games and dance floor shakedowns. Check it if you haven't. It's old and I'm late to the party (it dropped in 2011), but it's also four hours earlier in Oakland.
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