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Anya Skidan, Welcome

By neonpajamas, 03/23/2013 - 6:26pm
3902648103-1 I am a stickler about iTunes organization. Rarely is an album or a genre left blank. That being said, Anya Skidan's three-track EP, Indigo Child, came without a genre label and I have yet to add one. All three songs sound completely different. Three artists playing with instruments within one girl's brain. I mean, check out the artwork. The Bandcamp site describes the music as, “Wisdom covered in sounds transcended through the  beating heart of the present.” By no means is this a bad thing. All three tracks on Indigo Child are wonderful. The self-titled first track has a haunting piano and a roaring bass, sounding like a stoned late night stroll in a haunted park, listening to Portishead. “Content Blues”, the second track, has bluegrass and country elements, the most upbeat of the three, the most catchy. Skidan changes her voice, escaping the graveyard, and switches to a drunk saloon sing-a-long. “Sound of Existence”, the last song on the quick eleven minute project, brings in dancehall distortion and Joan Baez folk verses. Hinda Zahra is dancing along to this project somewhere in another country. The only consistency between the three tracks is a beautiful new voice in music as well as a very talented pianist. Anya Skidan, who are you? Thanks to the Starlight Girls for telling me to give the group a listen. Let's hope for more tracks in 2013. “If you need one reason to smile, look around for a while, the world is full of goodness.”
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