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Mario and Domo Crowned Kings

By neonpajamas, 03/24/2013 - 2:54pm
“2012 I splashed up, all my TVs plasma.” I don't see why you would ever need a reason to do this, but if you had to blow out your car speakers and only had one chance to do so, assuming you were granted an entire album, Mario and Domo vs. the World, the eleven track, 2012 project between Young L and Soulja Boy, might be your best bet. Mario and Domo was probably done in a weekend. Almost all quick freestyles, the album is a little over half an hour long. But the soundtrack is something to throw on when you have to stay awake, when you want to get your lady moving after a few drinks, when you want to party with your people you just met. It's a damn shame that “Money Man” never became the greatest strip club anthem ever. This album works so well. Not just because both artists have tattoos on their faces. Not just because they show no fear when it comes to going as ignorant as possible. Not just because they talk about obnoxious chains, being the freshest of the fresh, making your bitch happy, Pink Dolphin swag. But because of all of these things. “I'm ridin' windows tinted, mind ya fuckin' business.” Young L produces half of the album. As you have seen from his solo work (Enigma Theory and Domo-Kun), or his free mixtape where he only uses Imogen Heap samples (As I Float), his production is video game blips and blams with some of the heaviest bass your ears can handle. Kool AD knows what's up, Prodigy knows the routine. Soulja Boy even produces a track (“Ba”). “All gold chain, all gold rangs, finna go to Spain and get an all gold brain.” These are lyrics from the original “All Gold Everything,” not to be confused with the Trinidad Jame$ creation that came out years later. With Mario and Domo, we get auto-tuned Soulja sprouting out adlibs “Fuck with Young L, that's my patna, Ocean Gang mobsta, eatin' lobsta.” “M.O.B.” sounds like an electronic aquarium. I can't wait to see what these two vibe fiends drop in the coming months.
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