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A$AP Rocky And Skrillex's Summer Vacation

By King James, 03/26/2013 - 4:30pm
When the Skrillex x A$AP track was announced last year, I was a bit skeptical.  It seemed like a nice publicity move, but I couldn’t imagine anything close to the resultant track.  Somehow, the unlikely duo were able to produced a legitimate banger in ‘Wild for the Night’.  And we now have the video to match, shot entirely in the Dominican Republic. The video begins by portraying Rocky as some kind of Dominican slum lord, but this attempt at a coherent narrative is quickly abandoned in favor of more fun images, like Rocky and Skrillex dancing on rooftops and tooling around on dirtbikes.  The video also cuts to what appears to be a ritualistic chamber, complete with stone pillars, torches, and a giant stone tablet.  I’m sure the Illuminati claims are already in full swing.  On the tablet is actually a quotation from Antonio de Montesinos’s historic sermon, in which he decried the injustices the Spanish empire had inflicted on the indigenous peoples.  I guess that adds some weird moralizing, we-shall-overcome tone to what is otherwise a hedonistic party track.  We do get to see some of Skrillex’s sick dance/jumping/karate moves though, which I can only hope are really done by Sonny F. himself.  Although the idea of them hiring an actor just to make him look badass is pretty funny as well.  Overall, the video feels surprisingly fresh, eschewing what could’ve just been a standard video featuring bitches, drugs, and fast cars for a window into the sighs of the Dominican Republic and some of the people that live there.  Even if you’ve already heard the track, the video is worth watching for the little ‘remix’ Skrillex pulls off at the end.
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