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Riff Raff Makes A Commercial, The Commercial Does Not Make Riff Raff

By Behold the Destroyer, 04/05/2013 - 9:31pm
Some company called Viper decided to get Riff Raff for a commercial. This makes sense to forty year old vice presidents of companies that want to be "edgy" and say shit like "I love underground culture". However, dealing with Riff Raff is akin to taking a picture with a tiger, half of the time it'll be cool, the other half the tiger is gonna maul your facial and you'll spend the rest of your days wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask like dude from the St. Lunatics. Viper went with the mauling option. The video is mad funny and has a ton of oblique references to Riff Raff in jokes, but what the fuck is a Viper? Is it some sort of Lowjack for creepy motherfuckers that wanna track their girlfriends/wives/daughters? Do they really think that the same people buying apps/systems to track their cars/daughters are really the same people who see Riff Raff and get excited? Why is Riff Raff the best actor in this commercial? Why is the dad so cool with watching his daughter catch dome in a hot tub? Lastly, where do you purchase candy paint Marcus Jacobs goggles? Asking for a friend.
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