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Mishka and Bored of Directors at Westway

By King James, 04/16/2013 - 7:30pm
WESTCRAY_web(final3) (1) New York City!  You show us love, we give back, for we are benevolent rulers of the underworld.  This Thursday, we got a show with some of our favorite people: Pictureplane, Teengirl Fantasy, Lil Internet, and Jan Woo.  I recently saw Lil Internet spin a sick set with classics like "Throw Some D’s", "What Happened to That Boy", and "Rough Riders Anthem".  If that doesn’t entice your hip-hop loving heart, I don’t know what will.  Pictureplane is no stranger to the blog, and has been pumping out classics like Antwon’s ‘Living Every Dream’ beat over the past year.  For the satanically low price of free.99, you can't go wrong. The festivities start at 10 ‘til late as hell at Westway, in the West Village.  The show is co-sponsored by our friends at Bored of Directors and Pabst, and in addition to the music will feature visuals by Serena T-Pu$$.  Hope to see you all there getting turnt, repping team Death Adders. Mishka and Bored of Directors Present April 18th, 10PM Westway, 75 Clarkson St New York, NY
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