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Patton Oswalt Delivers A Star Wars Rant So Nerdy His Virginity Is Reinstated

By Behold the Destroyer, 04/18/2013 - 10:00am
My man Patton Oswalt, just spazzes out here and drops an eight minute long nerd freestyle about the new Star Wars movie on Parks and Rec. This should immediately be remixed with a series of Funkmaster Flex bomb drops and explosions. Shit is pure hot fire, if you're really about that ComicCon life. For dudes that fuck around on that DragonCon wave, this rant is the equivalent of J.R Writer's epic 9 minute freestyle from the early 2000s. Dude goes in real deep on the nerd references and fantastical theories, pitching a movie that ties together Star Wars, Avengers, and Clash of the Titans. I'd watch it. Honestly, if you had sex in high school, don't even fuck around and watch this shit. I know everyone thinks they're nerds these days, but your boy Oswalt is on some Rom, The Space Knight level arcana here. Strictly for live men, not for freshman. You can look at the people in the crowd's faces and see all of them glaze over. Lady with the red hair, in the front row really bringing that bored girlfriend realness. Try and explain the plot of Primer to your girl, know that face all too well. * Not for nothing, but homeboy talks about the X-Men's Quinjet, but, the X-Men have a blackbird. -1 points. But my man drops a Moon KNight reference, so that evens shit out.
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