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This Is 40, MC Todd Style

By King James, 04/23/2013 - 10:29am
Perhaps you turn your nose up at copious drug use.  Perhaps you’d rather hear complex commentaries on the socio-economic landscape in your rap music.  Perhaps you look down on activities like chewing tobacco, going to strip clubs, and general ratchetery.  MC Todd, on his most recent Damn Near 40 Years in the Making, issues a strong ‘fuck you’ to such social prudishness, and wallows in that grimy shit.  For some basic background (OK, not really), you can check out Vice’s interview with the dude himself, conducted while on some acid.  References to the drug come throughout the tape, and while some might find that shit corny it is the one time that I allow myself to utterly turn off critical faculties and think ‘Yeah, I like tripping too’.  So I fux with drug-rug rocking MC Todd. The hook of the aptly titled ‘Don’t Care’ sings, ‘I don’t care what people do/I don’t care what people say/Always try to get my dues/Always try to get my way’, serving as a summary to the ethos of the tape: a big middle-finger to the stuffy, buttoned-up lames.  That kind of nihilistic, don’t give a fuck attitude hasn’t really been cool since punk died out, especially for someone ‘Damn Near 40’.  The rapping isn’t great, use of the screwed-down voice is reminiscent of last year’s Syrup Splash, and kinda played out at this point.  The production is actually really awesome, hard and synthy, supplied by the Wreck Kids.  But it’s Todd’s inventive goofiness that grants the tape a funny, so-bad-its good-quality.  He raves about a love of titties, and his list of suggestions when you’re bored/sad is both endearing and accurate (Stare at a lavalamp!  Jerk off!  Watch some monstertrucks!).  It’s not high art, but it is a heartfelt trip into MC Todd’s degenerate world of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.
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