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Total Therapy For Chicago Tonight

By Behold the Destroyer, 04/25/2013 - 3:30pm
TOTALTHERAPY69 "“Welcome to Total Therapy: a dream awakened, a new consciousness. Here you will experience rare cases of extreme style and attitude. Don't be afraid, be free. Prepare yourself for music that will alter your behavior and guide you to a new sense of confidence.” That sounds like a New Age massage parlor experience that might/maybe end with a "energy releasing" routine if the price is right. In reality it's a new monthly club party from the same people that bought you the CULT party. Total Therapy promises a night full of Trance/House/Juke/Bass/Rave and whatever new genre that's just been invented via Twitter hashtag. For tonight's party SLAVA will be manning the deck with Teen Witch Fan Club, DJ Pluto, Claire Van Eijk, and VIRTUAL BRAT. Come down get weird and release all of your chakras on the dance floor. We're totally cool with that here. Photos by ASL RSVP for no cover. Total Therapy Thursday, April 25Th, 10PM Berlin 954 W. BELMONT AVE. Chicago, IL
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