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Kevin Gates On The Paper Chase

By King James, 05/07/2013 - 8:30pm

Bloglin favorite Kevin Gates continues to ride the success of his Luca Brasi Story mixtape by releasing the visuals for 'Paper Chasers', one of the best tracks on the tape. The video is standard fare -- some shots of Gates rapping on the roof, driving what Youtube commenter 'ToXiiC1080' identifies as a Jaguar XJ 2013, and with his girl in the studio on some hold-me-back shit. Gates has the gift/curse of looking perpetually emotional in every scene, and the teardrop tattoos just add to the effect. Surely, that desperation lends itself to the track, which is basically about hustling, and the trials that come with it.

The video was shot by Coyote Films, directed by Déjà Star. Weirdly, some clips just seem like stock footage of Gates doing normal shit, at the gas station, getting tattoos, and at some kind of high school pep rally. I wish Gates came to my high school. Something tells me that if he's really chasing that paper, the gas station might not be the best spot to look. Gates also briefly claims that he's 'been retarded'. I don't claim to be up on the hippest Baton Rouge street lingo, but I was pretty sure that was a bad thing. But I'm not a rapper. I'm not chasing paper. I could be wrong.

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