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Mr. Jackie Chan And The Pursuit Of Greatness

By boyparty, 05/10/2013 - 9:30pm
image-2 while I am alone or with friends or with family I have been spending a lot of my time watching videos and movies. at first they were lots of different kinds but over time I have honed my selections down and only make perfect ones and because of that this installment’s theme is: mr. jackie chan and the pursuit of greatness how when I was a small child I was on a soccer team and a mouse in the play Cinderella and jackie chan was a Chinese Opera star learning how to do backflips and headstand push ups and already walking on the road to becoming the perfect entertainer: very different paths, easy to tell why one of us is a superstar and the other one is me. when I am raising a child I will adjust accordingly. the very excellent movie drunken master: ! how in drunken master after there’s the part where jackie chan makes fun of his teacher then beats him up and steals his hat, this girl’s mom beats him up: an important reminder of the power of moms and how you have to treat girls good because who knows what kind of mom they’ve got image-3 how the guy who voiced over jackie’s part feels when he watches drunken master over and over again alone by himself in his empty house:ashamed and impotent and full of sorrow. he is probably an okay guy, but for a second he was the voice of a legend, and a normal life is less than nothing after that. I feel for him and wish for his own sad sake he had never been born. the part in drunken master where his dad makes him squat with bowls of water balanced on him with weights on his arms over a red hot poker that will go up his butt if he messes up: that sucks and I am glad that wasn’t my dad, but maybe if that was my dad I would also be able to do backflips and defend the defenseless, so maybe I actually do wish that that was my dad. the t shirt that all of the football players at my school had that said pain is weakness leaving your body: they were mostly shlubs, but maybe it is the truth anyway. i have lived a very gentle life and it is true that i am soft. the man jackie chan: the perfect entertainer and human the movie police story: ! the movie police story 2: !! the movie supercop (police story 3): !!! image-4 rumble in the bronx: a psychedelic childhood nightmare fantasy about what foreigner children might think gangs and New York are like. also, perfect and a triumph. how rumble in the Bronx is not a video game: an international failure. the video game in my brain called Jackie Chan! Where you are not a character, you are the actual Jackie Chan and you wander through the streets fixing problems and making everything exciting: the world is not ready because how could you walk back out onto the street after you have felt like jackie? the answer is you could not and my beautiful dream will never be real for the sanity of us all. the blooper reel of rumble in the bronx: the best that modern action cinema has to offer. how in the blooper reel of rumble in the Bronx after he jumps off of the parking garage and lands on the fire escape he wiggles around and raises his arms because he’s really actually proud and happy because jumping from a building to a different building is a thing that makes him full of joy: !!! the song kung fu by ash which is in this blooper reel and also the movie angus: if you have never heard it, then later you do hear it, it probably brings the same feelings into your brain and heart as the ones you had when you first figured out how to read or won a baseball game or figured out long division because it is the soundtrack of aspiration and realizing achievement. rush hour: very good, very funny. rush hour 2: !!!!!!!!!!!! transcendent! A beautiful merging of cultures that I don’t know if our global artists have been (or will be ever????) able to top. the title of the movie Dragons Forever: the words for the feeling that I have while I am watching the master jump off of things and wishing it for myself for ever in the next realm. my list of greatest pop culture icons in the history of ever that I thought a lot about this week: Jackie Chan Elvis Presley Bruce Lee George Washington/Abraham Lincoln Review of list: very honest list. sometimes it is hard to admit that you have an addiction, but after you have done that it is time to embrace it and let it make you stronger, then transcend and maybe be an icon yourself? maybe this boy and jackie chan can one day be mentioned by all of the young and beautiful awestruck people in the same sentence as boys who believed enough in themselves and the power of kung fu to make this universe a better and more perfect universe.
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