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Michael Cera Has Awkward Wheelchair Sex

By CrimeZone20xx, 05/29/2013 - 11:30am

There's a deafening buzz surrounding the 4th season of Arrested Development, so you'd be forgiven if you missed out on the most uncomfortably hilarious short film ever made. Starring a wheelchair-bound Michael Cera, Gregory Go Boom is surrealist comedy with an edge of bitter, acid-tinged, razor-sharp social commentary. Director Janicza Bravo's Gregory takes place in Nowhere, USA, centering around the maladjusted life of its eponymous main character. When you start laughing at the above video, you'll soon come to the realization that this isn't as easy to pass off as another entry into the ever-growing pantheon of anti-comedy. The nervous laughter you're experiencing isn't even because of perfect line delivery or "realistic and every day" dialogue. This isn't about everyday people at all. It's about fringe existence and a severe lack of positive relationships. It's hard to even feel sympathetic towards Gregory, actually. Despite his difficult life, he's a pretty unsavory dude. The movie doesn't make us laugh because it's hyperbolic or exaggerated. It makes us laugh because it's the only way to deal with the realization that shit like this happens all the time across America; out of sight and out of mind. That moment of "yeah I guess I don't have it that badly" creeps up on you and lingers.

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