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Kid A Opens Up Portals To Your Untapped Dreamspace

By CrimeZone20xx, 06/06/2013 - 11:30pm
Minimal beats are always a good way to chill out and spend an overcast day trawling the net for cool shit, which is what I've been doing the last hour or two while listening to this new Kid A joint, "BB Bleu". Finally available for download after the music vid dropped in early May, the track features Kid A's ghostly whisper-croon underlaid by a simple, time-halting, hypnagogic minimalist beat. It's kind of like falling asleep music, chillin' out in that space between waking life and dreamland. Except it's more than that. Instead of where you would usually wind up (some recurring dream about going to school naked), Kid A detours your unconscious mind to the better parts of the celestial spheres; where space looks like a Windows 4K demoscene project. Hit up the usual haunts for Kid A's "BB Bleu", out now on Technicolour Music.
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