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Rick Ross Chillin' With Lil Wayne Circa 1996

By CrimeZone20xx, 06/10/2013 - 8:30pm
DJ Khaled travelled back in time with his frat-rap entourage to film this new vid that takes place in uh...1996... Yeah... That's cool, though. Pop recycling usually starts with the underground kids before it makes its way to the top of the celebrity heap, so I can't fault Drake, Rozay, Weezy, or Birdman for hopping on the 90s bandwagon after the fact. Honestly, the vid is surprisingly reserved for these cats, with most of the footage seemingly taking place in the opulent lawn of a mansion somewhere. On that croquet tip, breh. Stretched hummers, young money, girls everywhere, Drake in a bathtub, Weezy on a fountain, Birdman in a robe and sunglasses; and Rozay saying his own name every other line. Standard fare, with a really good Khaled beat. Shoutout to Rawsss' black and neon track suit, tho. Ace.
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