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A Youth With Skull on Daytime TV

By Slow Head, 06/11/2013 - 5:30pm
Daytime Television For the last year or so, progressive and ever migrating artist Jono Milo aka Daytime Television has been working on two EP’s worth of material, which has become known as Youth With Skull I & II. I liked the album enough to write it up for you all to check out. An undulating staccato of funk-tinged repetitiveness builds up in ‘Dreamstate’, the first track on the album which strays into an apex of drifting currents, a musical soup of noise. The album continues with the robotic ‘Everyone is Famous’, which features guest Ay Gee Tee and is an amalgamation of laser fire and synaptic impulses repeatedly fired into your cybernetic braincasing. Moving forward are the tracks ‘Hollister Honey’ and ‘Innertube’, another song with the help of cohort Ay Gee Tee, both experimenting with a kind of glitched-out trap vibe throughout. The latter however dissolving into a discordant haze of bubbling and gurgling bleeps. The second part of this two-part album, which is by far the more noisy/experimental of the two begins with the crystalline jaggedness of ‘In’, a repetitive mantra of glowing pulses. The next track 'Kid Tarzan' featuring the help of Internet Club is like being in a stifling hot, darkened closet with a gurgling and rattling iron stove while someone takes random stabs at a piano. The next three tracks are more along the lines of ‘In’ but each with their own personality. ‘Loss of Sleep’ for instance will literally keep you from sleeping as it is a straight forward harsh noise track. Internet Club returns on the exit track ‘Sunrise HD’ which finds the crew again plodding through a mud drenched sonic palate leaving nothing but erased minds of the fallen behind them. Jono Milo Jono Milo's vision, even on his Daytime Television auto-pilot, is a bizarre and sometimes abrasive melting pot of sounds. Many of these tracks find him coasting straight into the heart of his dreams without even a buildup. Youth With Skull I & II is an overall great listen and a thoroughly strange sonic statement for the modern age.
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