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El-P and Killa Mike Slowly Conquering The Entire Summer Sesh

By CrimeZone20xx, 06/11/2013 - 11:38pm
tumblr_ml0a8pNYQu1r4h8d7o1_500 Ya been snoozin' if you haven't been playing El-P + Killa Mike's Fool's Gold collab effort called Run The Jewels. Shit's poppin' and has been making the rounds on the blog circuit for a minute. Separately, though, the duo just put out a new track for the weirdos over at Williams Street. People been finally gettin on that keygen/demoscene game finally, and El-P is showcasing some obvious Internet-underworld influences here; 8-bit, arpeggiated blips and bass notes that sound like they were straight up lifted from a NES cartridge. Killa Mike gets his rap game on and really seems to be on this tip about hot girls, cars, and encouraging others not to fuck with him or his crew. Hit up the stream below for some choice rapping over a cracktro beat.
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