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Ayyyyee Carumba: The Game to Guest Star on The Simpsons (Maybe)

By Emily Manning, 06/17/2013 - 11:30pm
bart2 Springfield, Compton? According to The Game, Matt Groening is keepin' it G in The Simpsons' upcoming landmark 25th season, tweeting: "Catch me on the Simpsons next month when Bart has a dream that he is 'The Game' in class ha ha ha..." The LA rapper Instagramed a photo of yung Bartholomew swagged the fuck out in a Jesus piece (wonder if he copped it from Flanders' Leftorium), Givenchy T-shirt, and fresh 13's. But while I'd kill to see El Barto spit anything off The Documentary, something isn't adding up. Forgiving that the photo looks as though it was pulled directly from the annals of Bootleg Bart, I watched The Simpsons Season 24 finale like a month ago. Season 25 doesn't hit FOX until this fall, so I'm not sure where this "next month" is coming from. Additionally FOX has yet to verify The Game's appearance; officially confirmed guest stars include Kristen Wiig, Stan Lee, and Gordon Ramsay among others. Fingers crossed that Bartman's dream will become a reality, but for now, take a look back at his come up. Here's a deep cut "Deep Deep Trouble" from the classic second season:
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