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Flatbush Zombies - Palm Trees [Prescription Strength Aural Relaxation]

By CrimeZone20xx, 06/18/2013 - 11:36pm
artworks-000050815470-4vjw0i-t500x500 Brooklyn's finest, the boys in Flatbush Zombies, released this new cut a few days ago; an advance track put out to whet our appetites for the upcoming Better Off Dead tape due out later this Summer. Damn...Erick Arc Elliott's production. Pure relaxation put to .wav, dude; love that seductive, R&B siren croon that permeates the track. Could def see myself walking down a boardwalk a little past sunset this season, maybe a lil bitta tree in my pocket, riding those Summer waves to glory. Stream some digital Xanax below, and a big shoutout to the Dragonball Z artwork. Anybody else catch that?
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