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Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland: An Exclusive Interview with Chad Bilyeu

My cassette collecting quest inevitably leads me to discovering some awesome DIY music, but what I find most fascinating is the back stories that lead to the founding of these limited run labels. I recently found Bullshit Night Records, a cassette label based out of Amsterdam with unique roots to Cleveland, Ohio. I recently had the chance to speak with founding member Chad Bilyeu about being an expatriate, the culture...

Travels and a Labrador Named Purple: Damacha's 3E3240 EP

Shanghai's Damacha arrived on my radar after Swimful Buterfly put me on sometime last year. Since then, I've noticed Minnesota producer Psymun (of The Stand4rd) also shows Damacha...


"Bad Gal": Trapo x Derrick Thomas Jr.

To say that I've been listening to rapper Trapo for a long time would be a lie. The 17-year-old, Madison, Wisconsin resident has only been active for about a year, and I didn't catch on 'til last fall, but he's already gathered my full attention, as well as a considerate following, gaining co-signs from acts like Allan Kingdom, Max Wonders, Hurt Everybody, XVRHLDY, WebsterX, and more. He's the young star of the...



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